For most people,What Your Favorite Shirt Tells the World Articles their choice of clothing isn’t just a “fashion statement” it is an indication of their profession, their interests, and their lifestyle. For instance, wearing a Dragon Ball Z Shirt sends a very different message than choosing a basic button down. So, with a plethora of clothing options out there, what does your favorite shirt tell the world about you?

Your Shirt Speaks Louder Than You Think
You may throw on a t-shirt every climcat Sunday without a second thought to why you chose that shirt over other pieces of clothing. Often, when we are dressing in t-shirts, it is for comfort. But when your shirt has a specific quote, design, or recognizable character on it, that t-shirt goes from being a comfortable choice, to telling other people about your interests and preferences.

That single shirt is communicating a lot of meaning.
A Dragon Ball Z shirt is the perfect example. This shirt doesn’t feature a famous band or the viral quote of the moment. Instead, it is related to a famous anime television series that has an intense and devoted following. When you wear the shirt, you become part of this group. Other Dragon Ball Z fans will recognize a kindred spirit and people interested in other anime will immediately know the meaning of your shirt. Without meaning to, your choice of shirt has told the world a lot about you.

Sending Signals About Your Past
The t-shirt is a peculiar item in anybody’s wardrobe. Unlike other clothing choices, the t-shirt never really goes out of style. This is possibly because the choice of a t-shirt is actually the antithesis of dressing for trends. However, at Your Favorite T-Shirts, we see that as a good thing. It means the shirts you buy from our collection can be worn for years and years to come.