Asus is the multinational company from Taiwan,How to Install Merlin Firmware on ASUS Router Articles which is the highly known and most prominent multimedia information and technology company. Asus company has its main head office easy firmware in Taipei, which is in Taiwan itself. From all over the it has been ranged in the forth top most selling vendors in the field of manufacturing the computer system and selling it in the market. As the products which has been launched and even manufactured by the Asus company are highly demanded and been came up with the latest alluring features and technology.

How to install the Asus marline firmware for your Asus router?

Step 1: One should first of all assemble all there respective articles such as your computer system and your Asus router.

Step 2: Now after that login to your Asus router Admin by accessing the url as and then make it search.

Step 3: From there go to the ‘Administrations’ and after that click on the ‘restore’ then to Save and then ‘Upload settings’ option.

Step 4: Then finally click on the ‘save’ button you save your present router settings.

Step 5: Now switch to the web browser and from there download the latest version of the Asus merlin firmware which could be suitable for your router model.

Step 6: When you have finish the downloading the firmware then just open up the zip file and from there extract .TRX file to the desired location from where you would be able to find it.

Step 7: After that login to your Asus router and then move to the Administration options.

Step 8: Now from that, choose the ‘firmware upgrade’ after that click on upload option.