As most of us know,How to choose your makeup and select your makeup look Articles choosing make-up is quite a difficult task. How many times have you left a store with a bag full of products that were too expensive and which don’t even suit you? But selecting and buying the products is only the one part of the “makeup dilemma”, how should I make up? What makeup looks to choose from? How to match the look to my own face look, eyes and hair colors? To the event I’m going? To my outfit colors? To the message I want to convey? Well, here are few tips and guidelines you should know: Products (read full makeup article at

• The most important thing when choosing make-up is to forget all of the commercials that you see on television or the advertisements in the magazines. The fact that the advertised product gets such a large amount of exposure is due to paid ads. • First of all, read criticism and articles about the make-up companies themselves; check which products they market and what the experts say about them. This will ensure that when you’re choosing make-up you’ll choose a company that has the best products. Bear in mind that a big name or brand doesn’t necessarily testify about the quality of the product. • After you have chosen a company, decide what exactly you need in your cosmetics bag before you buy the make-up products. By doing this you will save yourself time, and it will make your choices easier. • If you purchase eye make-up, lipstick, and so on – don’t hesitate to examine it. Make sure about the color since certain textures of these products change color after they come into contact with skin. For instance, using powder which is too dark for your skin can end up looking like a mask, giving you an appearance that is unaesthetic and even ridiculous. • The best way for you to discover what is best for you is to ask for a sample.

Normally cosmetics stores and pharmaceutical stores have samples available – all you have to do is ask. Only after using the product and checking it will you be able to ascertain whether it is suitable for you. This will be very helpful when you’re choosing make-up. Nonetheless, most women tend to purchase make-up products blindly. Looks (for a personal makeup looks guidance, check out the makeup advisor at • When selecting makeup look, you should consider the event you’re going to, the time of day and the outfit colors you select. Certain outfit colors tend to overshadow any make-up colors, as a rule of thumb match your eye shadows color to your outfit colors. • Making-up for an occasion that takes place during the evening is quite different from making-up for the daytime. The lighting at such an event will normally be warm, and will contain yellow spots or colors that are different from day light or from white fluorescent lights. Evening make-up needs to be long-lasting and to appear much more radiant. • Decide, what is the massage style you want to convey. Different makeup looks convey different messages: Sexy look, Dramatic look, Natural look, Classic look. This will help you to pick the right colors and makeup style. • The makeup colors and style are also based on the hair color and the way it’s done and also on your eyes colors. If your hair is done in a style, you must remember that when your hair is gathered up it makes your face more prominent and it is necessary to pay attention to every detail of your make-up, which must be of the highest level of finish and precision. Certain eye shadow colors are more flattering to your eyes and make your eyes “stand out”, know what colors are best for you. Personal look (For personal makeup consultation based on your photo, check out: None of us is perfect. Some of us have aquiline, long or wide noses; others have broad chins or narrow lips; eyes that are set close together or far apart, or small, or droopy. Most of us are convinced that the only alternative that we have of ‘repairing’ our facial flaws is to be found in the option of plastic surgery. However, there is no need to rush and place yourself under the surgeon’s knife. Morphology is the theory of corrective make-up. Using the play of light and shade, shadows and the correct effects it is possible to make your lips appear larger, your nose appear narrower, create the appearance of a narrower face, and so on, through the use of make-up. About the author : Gali Tsoar Gali has 19 years’ experience as a top professional makeup artist. She is one of the most highly-sought-after makeup artists for TV shows, movies, and the fashion industry in her country.