Pre season NFL football betting can be a little tricky because there is nothing to go on in terms of game statistics. If it is on stats that you base your betting judgement then pre-season football is probably best avoided. But if you are able to look at other more abstract team factors then it could pay you to get involved.

One of the things to remember in the pre season is that it is not all about winning football games,Betting On Pre Season NFL Football Articles it is more about getting ready to win football games during the regular season.

So, in pursuit of being ready for the NFL season proper, a coach might well put his team under pressure deliberately. He may play a weakened side (for fear of injuring key players before the regular season) or practice plays where he knows the team is weak – in the hope of improving.

If you can ‘train’ yourself to have the courage of your convictions and essentially forget the previous season’s form and team reputation and e.g. bet against the current Super Bowl champions if you feel circumstances are right – then you are half way to being profitable in your betting during the pre-season.

If you agree that the pre season offers a chance for coaches to tighten up on weak areas, blood new players and work on new plays – then you might ascertain that teams that had poor running games in the previous season might practice their running plays, just as teams that had poor passing stats for the previous season might work on their aerial game. It’s largely about spotting team and coach motivations and goals.

It is not unusual for teams to have a terrible pre season record and a top regular season record – which proves that the pre season is a very fickle thing on which to base a team’s potential.

Other things to look out for are team and coach rivalries – this can of course spice up any encounter, even an exhibition game. If the coach is new to the NFL or new to the team – it may also be the case that these coaches are more motivated to win – to get off on the right foot with, players, fans and the franchise as a whole.

In order to win in the NFL preseason – you just need to become an analyst of ‘subjectives’ and ‘intangibles’. Try to get inside the heads of the coaches and ask ‘what are they trying to achieve here?’ and you may surprise youself.